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Why are you making excuses? Why are you afraid to let yourself say yes? I promise, whatever excuse you have, it’s not *actually* stopping you from booking a shoot, the only thing stopping you is YOU.

Let’s go over some popular excuses:

1. I’m not at my goal weight.

AND???? This isn’t a wrestling match or something, there isn’t a weight you have to hit in order to qualify. And what happens when you hit your goal weight? Will you be satisfied? Or will you have a new goal weight. Stop this. Exist in photos NOW. If your body changes, do it again next year! Love this body in the meantime.

2. I need to save up money.

Reasonable! You can do a payment plan for your session. You don’t have to pay for your full session fee at the time of booking. You can book 6 months out and pay for it little by little until then.

3. I’m not sexy.

Says who? Also let’s get rid of this misconception that boudoir is about sex. You can be a million other adjectives.

4. I have nothing to wear.

Oh yeah, this won’t work for me especially. I have an ENORMOUS client closet for all sizes. I have a shopping problem and you cannot use this as an excuse.

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