Olivia Renee offers a large selection of prints and heirloom quality products, all of which will be available for you to view at your portrait reveal and ordering session. Products range from stunning canvases and acrylic prints to display images beautifully on your walls, to luxury albums, custom graduation announcements, and digital archival collections.


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A Senior Portrait session with Olivia Renee Seniors is a custom experience from start to finish. Every session with Olivia Renee includes your custom on location photoshoot, a portrait reveal and ordering session, and digital images.

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Ready to fall in love with images of yourself (maybe for the first time). You are excited to leave your senior session feeling confident & empowered.

Wanting more than a couple of 5x7 prints. You want a full gallery of amazing portraits that tell the story of who you are & incredible heirloom products to show them off.

Looking for something more personalized and unique. You don't want a one size fits all senior session and photos that look identical to every other senior at your school.

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The way Olivia planned our day to go made everything feel so laid back and our transitions from one outfit and location to another was seamless. Not only that, but Olivia was hyping me UP. You know when people hype you up, but you know it isn’t genuine and only for the sake of being nice? There was none of that here. Olivia keeps it real. And real recognizes real so you already KNOW that if she says you're killing it, you ARE killing it babes. Finally, my photoshoot was over and there is nothing that I would change about that day except maybe bringing more outfits. The whole ride home I was thinking about how good I was feeling about myself and how I was going to remember that day for the rest of my life. 


Olivia is a dream to work with! She is so organized and communicative, which I especially appreciate as a parent. Most importantly, she is great at pulling the best out of her seniors during the shoot and making them feel confident. She was supportive as my daughter worked through outfit options, hair, etc. During the shoot, Olivia knew how to make her feel relaxed and get natural looking shots. She takes time to understand what your senior wants from the experience, and the aesthetic they are going for. It's not a cookie cutter approach. We didn't have a specific location in mind, so it was a relief that Olivia was able to suggest locations that fit what my daughter was looking for. Honestly, the locations selected were far better than anything we could have come up with on our own. At the end of the shoot, my daughter was so happy and excited about the whole experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Maya's Mom

What I love about Olivia is that she will do everything in her power to make your Senior Session PERFECT! From hair to outfits to the smallest accessories she wants you to be perfect and as comfortable as possible. I’ve never had a photographer care as much as she did about me as a client.

Olivia’s whole team is there for YOU and wants to do everything to make you feel as confident as possible. When you actually take your photos Olivia basically does all the hard work. You just get to feel like a queen and smile. She gives you all the poses without making it look like you're uncomfortable. We had music playing and I was able to feel so confident. I was able to be 100% myself free of judgment, and that is probably the BEST thing about shooting with Olivia.


After your photoshoot, you and your family will come into the studio for your big Reveal! You'll get to see all of the images from your session & decide how to showcase them with custom prints and products!

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You'll be able to decide what you want for your dream senior session with my in-depth Session Planning Guide. Then we'll meet for your shoot and create incredible images!

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Contact me to book your session! I will send you dates based on what time frame and session you would like to book.

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