Creative and Editorial Boudoir Sessions in Portland, OR

Boudoir Portrait using Roses as a Top.
Get creative with your Boudoir Images like A using roses as her top.

Maybe you just feel like you need someone’s permission to be in a state of undress in front of a camera! Okay, then, here it is!

It’s your body. You’re grown. You get to do WHATEVER you want.

And you can take photos LITERALLY JUST FOR YOU. No one has to see them but you and me! Your images can go in a bomb ass album in your bedroom, they don’t have to go on instagram!

But if you do post them on Instagram I’m like 1000% sure the reaction is going to be your friends hyping you up a ridiculous amount.

It’s 2022, you’ve done two years of a pandemic, throw all your rules out the window. It’s a new day, girl.

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