Boudoir Photography Session – Review

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers out there! Many of your bodies brought life into this world, and boudoir photography is a beautiful way to celebrate that!!

Below, Zakiya shares her story of celebrating her body through a boudoir photography session with Olivia Renee.

a curvy black woman with braids poses in front of a naturally lit window while wrapped in a white sheet, posing for boudoir photography photos

“This experience was exactly what I’d knew it would be, which was: empowering and fun. After turning 40 in 2021, I made the decision to let go of this idea of trying to attain a body that was no longer attainable. My body wasn’t going to “bounce back”, or be “snatched”, or whatever other word the kids are using these days. I embraced everything about myself, including the extra curves that comes from carrying and birthing 2 children. Dominant culture conditions us to believe that in order to beautiful, you must be thin, you must be white or as close to white as possible, and your hair must be ruly. Well I have zero of those things, and frankly, I don’t want those things. My body was the first home for my children. It’s literally life giving and life sustaining. And while it’s not perfect in the eyes of dominant culture, it’s perfect for me. When taking pictures,I didn’t even try to suck in my gut because it’s there, it exists.

“Posing for these photos was like a warm embrace that I gave to myself. Taking pictures in lingerie when you’re not thin is the ultimate middle finger to the fatphobic patriarchy. I thought, fuck it, I’m signing up.” – Zakiya

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