Athena — Teen Model Session

Athena is such a gorgeous girl and I am so lucky she lives locally to me and I got to photograph her! Athena was on (and won!) the Lifetime Show ‘Making a Model’. She has the best curls ever and is such a sweetheart. My makeup artist, Tiffany, and I brought her in for a personal shoot and had the best playdate.

Olivia Renee Seniors | | Portland Senior Photographer | Teen Portraits | Athena Katoanga

We started off with a super cozy and simple look in the studio since it was just starting to turn into Fall in Portland. The next look we did was inspired by some of the many looks of Solange and we decorated Athena’s hair with flowers…and then we just didn’t stop. The last look we were calling ‘The Full Beyonce’ (see Beyonce’s Vogue cover for that reference) and piled tons of flowers on.

Olivia Renee Seniors | | Portland Senior Photographer | Athena inspired by Solange
Olivia Renee Seniors | | Portland Senior Photographer | Athena Katoanga
Olivia Renee Seniors | | Portland Senior Photographer | Athena Inspired by Beyonce

Athena is 15 years old! Want to book a session for your own teenager? You can book a teen studio session at my website here or if your teenager is a senior, go over to the senior portrait section!

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