90’s Inspired Senior Session in Downtown Portland

Let me tell you how the FOUNDATION of your photoshoot is the most important part.

The number one reason someone won’t like photos of themselves is because they rushed it and didn’t get what they wanted. Didn’t get the date they wanted. Don’t have outfits that they really put thought into and they don’t really fit or go with the location. Didn’t think about how they wanted their hair and makeup and now they have to just choose last second. Didn’t plan their time the day of the session so they’re rushing around or we have to stop shooting so they can get somewhere else…

That’s what happens when you don’t plan ahead! You get something rushed and thrown together. And that’s not what I want for you!!

My seniors get a planning guide to get their imagination going. Then we have a consult to plan wardrobe, location, hair and makeup, and solve any problems that might come up with what they want to do ahead of time (not enough time, who’s bringing your dog, will there be traffic?).

Then on the day of your shoot, I know what we’re doing and what you want and you know what you’re doing and what you want. This way, I can photograph you with your vision in mind and you’re relaxed knowing that I know how you want to be photographed!

That’s why it’s the Senior Experience over here and not just senior pics. 😉

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